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Steamworks Commissions by SherlockianHamps Steamworks Commissions by SherlockianHamps
A Steamworks Sheeta for Mage and a Steamworks Lain for Vespertine on Subeta.
Apparently artists willing to draw SW pets are in short supply, and personally I've seen very few SW overlays I've been impressed with, so when I get the chance to draw SW pets I jump on it, I love them and hope I do them justice.

The Sheeta was done WAY before the Lain, I'd figured out how to better do the metal by the time I drew the Lain.
Steamworks Sheeta/Lain belong to the folks at Subeta.
The characters belong to the users Mage and Vespertine.
Art is mine being used by the above users.
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Xenophonita Featured By Owner Jan 29, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Oh my word! I had to stare for a very long while, looking at as much detail as I could. Both are so fantastic.
You did a fantastic job on both. The limbs and joints make sense and look like they would work naturally on a machine. I am wondering how much research you might have done with these pets to have that happen.
SherlockianHamps Featured By Owner Jan 29, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you very much!
To be honest, not a lot in one sitting =S
For the Sheeta I had a a couple of skeletal refs, a goat and bull I believe, and I looked up a couple of digger arms and had a glance over Keith Thompson's work to get the creative juices flowing. But I HAD just spent a week at college where there was some digging going on outside my classroom and so many pages in my book were filled with digger arm studies XD I'd also been sketching a lot of robots before then so it came quite naturally, though, as usual, pivot points baffle me, mostly I just kept in mind where muscles go and where I'd need to pull or push something to get movement.
The Lain again... I used refs for the pose, but the commissioner wanted the same basic design as the official SW Lain, so while I needed to make up the chest area the rest wasn't too hard.
Now if I was drawing from scratch OTL I'd be inundated in references and studies and all sorts, and I will be drawing a robot (not steampunk admittedly) soonish, and I'm not sure if I'm looking forward to it or terrified of it XD
Inkshadow Featured By Owner Jan 28, 2012
Honestly, you have nothing to worry about with doing them justice. Everytime I see your art, my mind is just gone and blown away but no. Your steamwork art goes far and beyond anything I have ever seen before akdsfkdf; =u=;

They are so drop-dead gorgeous and I have no idea how to draw all those metal parts. You've definitely pulled it off here, I love all the structures in the sheeta for movement and everything like whoa. I can practically see it running toward me. :b It also amazes me how you have this beautiful balance between realism and non-realism. ouo

And your colouring on that lain, just wow. I love the wing structures especially, with all the separate feathers and even the separate feather layers pffbbt my bird anatomy vocabulary is lacking. xD;

I also really love how even though steamwork pets are super detailed and your art is no exception, these don't look cluttered in any way at all! I've seen steamwork art where I can hardly tell one end of the character from the other, but nope, there's no issue with that here at all just. Wow. No other words. :I

Loving your work as always! ;D
SherlockianHamps Featured By Owner Jan 29, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you very much!
The thing that always bothers me about even the best SW redraws is that often the mechanisms for the limbs make no sense to me, I'm always thinking "that would be impractical/dangerous/generally doesn't make sense, visually or otherwise", and it saddens me =<
I'm sure any fully fledged engineer or mechanic would say the same thing about my work, but I do try very hard to have mechanisms that a) wouldn't be an operating hazard and b) do their job.
Inkshadow Featured By Owner Jan 29, 2012
You're very welcome! c:

I wouldn't be surprised if most of steamwork artists don't really have much mechanical knowledge, like me. xD; I mean, I can look at your steamwork art and I can see how it could work in real life, but if I attempted to draw steamwork myself... I'd have no idea what parts to put and where. :b

You're right though, the experts would probably know best. Still, you at least have some idea of how to make things logical! I think that's a super cool skill to have. c; And that effort definitely shows through! ouo
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